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Fun & Interactive Baking Workshop for all age groups.

If there’s one thing that kids really enjoy the most is having fun with food, especially baking. And if there’s one thing that we give the most importance to is that the kids have lots of fun while learning something new each time. That’s when we decided to start baking workshop for kids. The Club Patisserie introduces The Little Baker’s Den, a fun and interactive culinary class for children where they will learn to bake all that they love to eat. We offer workshops every month to teach the children the basic art of baking cup-cakes, cakes, breads, pizzas, cookies, puffs and pastries and to make cake-decorations, different icing for cakes & cupcakes and much more. We will provide all the ingredients, equipment and a recipe note that they can take home and practice. At the end of each session, every kid will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’ and will get to take home the dish that they learn to make. There will be sessions for all age groups. We will also plan sessions where kids can enjoy learning with their moms, dads and also grandparents.