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Trupti Khamkar – was Actor, comic and full-time single person Trupti Khamkar is a an established name in serious theatre and Marathi Television. But if you take life too seriously, you will never come out alive. Which is why after hit plays such as Piya Behrupiya that has played around the world and cult hits such as Fu Bai Fu, and having appeared in ‘Tumhari Sulu’, Trupti is stepping on to the stand-up stage. And she has already won every competition there is to win on the circuit. It gives her a much-needed break from the make-up and she can ham unapologetically.

Over the years, the Anada Wine Club along with our Partners have hosted numerous events that promote culture, entertainment and global cuisines We have hosted several Stand-up Comedy shows in the past with artists like Atul Khatri, Azeem Banatwala, Kunal Rao & others which were highly appreciated and patronized by our members.

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Stand-up comedy is undergoing a huge growth spurt in India, especially in city like Mumbai. After all, there’s nothing like laughter to keep such events lively and entertaining.  With stand-up comedy, we are able to attract a demographic segment for various age groups coming together to have an entertaining evening.However, in a city like Mumbai where there is dearth of Women Stand-up Comedians and more-so-less platforms provided for them. Anada Wine Club brings to night of laughter riot with the Mistresses of Laughter, an an All Women Stand-up Comedy Night to tickle your funny bones on the occasion of International Women’s Day with Artists Trupti Khamkar, Pavitra Shetty, Sumaira Shaikh, Neha Dhanani, Akanksha Kadam and Kajol Srinivasan on Friday 15th September at our Westburry’s. The event is presented in association with Laughing Coconut.