Waste Management at The Club

Waste Management initiative was started at The Club long before BMC took up the project of segregation of Wet Waste and Dry waste. We, at The Club, have been growing our own vegetables and spices which all of our esteemed members are aware of. We were not finding a satisfactory solution to the amount of Wet waste generated by us since we knew that this amount of waste can yield better energy than just nourishing our beautiful plants. We came across a start-up company, M/s Prakriti Sanrachna, which is promoted by Mrs. Rachna Kulkarni and Mrs. Pradnya Karulkar. Both technocrats, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, started their own firm with passion for Environment. Sound technical knowledge and transparency of company helped us make our long pending decisions. When people were discussing to segregate waste, The Club, took the initiative to convert Waste to Energy. We decided to install a Biogas plant to treat all of the 350 kg waste generated by the hotel. The plant is manufactured by Xeon Waste Managers. The Biogas plant is called EnergyBin™. The plant is modular in design, converts organic matter to Biogas through Anaerobic digestion via a 2 Stage Laterally Stirred Tubular reactor with a scum breaking design and a packed bed microbe holding arrangement which improves the efficiency drastically. The shell is MS IS:2062 with Epoxy costing and PU paint to give long life to the outdoor unit. Auto gas flaring with ionisers and auto ignition system is provided as a safety measure. Closed Loop Zero Leakage System provides safety at all levels. We are happy to share with our patrons that we are able to generate 35-45Nm3 of gas per day this has reduced our LPG consumption by 1.25 cylinders per day. The odourless colourless organic liquid generated at the outlet of the plant is used as fertiliser for our plants. Like all plants, we had our share of teething troubles with the Biogas plant. Rodents played havoc with the biogas balloon and we took drastic measures for rodent control and protection of the system. Our Engineering, Housekeeping  and Stewarding team, all were trained in the waste segregation and have worked shoulder to shoulder with M/s Prakriti Sanrachna and M/s Xeon Waste Managers, to make this plant functional to the desired capacity. It gives us immense satisfaction to mention that post segregation; we have reduced the total garbage being given out to the BMC by 70-75%. For the balance we 25% we are coming up with the second phase with the incinerator technology to be installed for all dry garbage to achieve zero discharge We all are aware that there are people who don’t get food to eat and water for drinking, therefore today CSR Committee is starting drive to sensitize the employee about “ Food Wastage” & “ Water Wastage” hence the volunteers of the CSR committee will be present in the cafeteria and stewarding team will be serving the food in small portion all are requested to cooperate with the team to make today as “Zero waste day”.
CSR Club