Antara Spa is our splendid day spa at The Club. Antara in Sanskrit means “looking within” or introspect. The logo represents a lotus with each petal symbolizing the levels of existence – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The whorl in the center signifies that the outside world is manifested by one´s inner world of peace and harmony. Every signature color of the logo has a meaning.  Burgundy represents spiritual energy, white represents purity and gold represents infallible character and integrity.

Antara Day Spa is one of the best Spa in Mumbai which provides facial and reiki treatment to our members & customers.

Antara is a premium & luxurious day spa located at The Club Mumbai, India’s premium & private membership club in Andheri west.  Antara caters to the affluent members & customers with luxurious, holistic & ancient traditions combined with modern-day touches. The treatments offer a surreal experience that relaxes, rejuvenates & recreates.


  • Best Spa in Mumbai



The Spa has been designed keeping the five elements in mind:

Space – Spread over 3500 sq.ft

Air – Soothing aromas

Earth – Earthy tones of the flooring

Water – Sound of water & the bath in the Couple Therapy Suite

Fire – Aromatic burners in all rooms

Antara Spa Facilities

  • 4 Spa Rooms and 1 Couple Suite
  • Certified Therapists 
  • Quality products used for all treatments.
  • Steam and shower inbuilt in all spa rooms.
  • High Hygiene level
  • Offers Body polish, body wraps, and detoxifying treatments

Antara Spa Therapists

Our therapists at Antara Day Spa, are trained and certified by reputed brands like Remy Laure, Skeyndor, Christian Valmy and Phytomer. They are trained in using their products and hold vast experience in the different massages and facial techniques.

Regular training sessions are conducted to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the areas of:

  • Physiology & the Human Body
  • Spa treatments & products
  • Personal hygiene & fitness



For more details and to book a massage call on (022)66117777

Treat yourself to luxurious wellness with Antara: The best spa in Mumbai

“As within, so without.” In the simplest of ways, the quote above depicts the dualistic and interconnected nature of everything in life. This applies especially to your wellness and health. We are the product of our surroundings, and a city as hectic as Mumbai is bound to leave its hard-working citizens stressed. To maintain the balance and keep yourself thriving, treating your body,mind, and spirit with kindness are highly necessary in such unprecedented times. Such are the values and principles of The Club, where an exclusive day spa is available to help you rejuvenate your senses with luxury abound. Whether you’re looking for specialized therapy or the best couple spa in Mumbai, Antara is the best choice for those who love to pamper themselves and their loved ones. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to help our members relax and replenish their wellness quotient, our staff of certified practitioners are available for all healing and therapeutic appointments.  Every second spent at Antara radiates a premium experience of luxury designed to usher an inner transformative journey to the epitome of wholesome growth and renewal. Come, experience the change for yourself with our elemental sensory treat. Better yet, bring your beau along for an exclusive membership experience of a massage spa in Mumbai, Andheri West.  Facilities offered:
  • 4 Spa Rooms and 1 Couple Suite
  • Certified Therapists 
  • Luxe-quality products used for every treatment.
  • In-built steam and shower for all spa rooms.
  • Top-notch hygiene protocols.
  • Offers: Massages, body polish, body wraps, and detoxifying treatments.