Although an American origination, Basket Ball as a sport has become famous worldwide. The game involves a lot of running, jumping, shouting & eye to hand co-ordination. At The Club, we have a Basket Ball court next to the Tennis courts. You can gather up your team and enjoy the game.

Court timings – 7am to 10am & 4.30pm to 9.30pm on court availability.

For more information contact Reception on 02266117777

An Unforgettable Sport; A Bonding Experience With Unlimited Fun

If you’re a big fan of the NBA greats like Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, and the Late Kobe Bryant, you know good basketball can be a gamechanger. In the hustle and bustle of a metro, it’s difficult finding the perfect court for a friendly match between you and your buddies. But, your search ends here. The Club Mumbai has the perfect basketball court for all the fans, whether you’re a novice or expert. With flawless dimensions and a well-maintained property, we boast the best basketball court in Mumbai Host your friendly (or competitive) matches with us for fun unlike any other event; contact us for bookings and memberships today!