lavish yet affordable place for the next family gathering
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A family get-together is sacred time spent with loved ones that helps strengthen bonds and share our thoughts. However, modern living, while bringing its own advantages of advancement and affluence, is slowly eroding into these simple pleasures.

The busy routine of everyday life and rising addiction to digital media turn the basic need of spending quality time together as a family into a rarity, to the extent that even gathering together for dinner becomes rare.

 It feels that our families, which were once closely knit, are now drifting apart and children, who are addicted to the constant barrage of likes, tweets and pings, further disconnect themselves from real-life experiences and conversations. 

Family get-togethers are fun and exciting as it is a great place for those endless conversations, at the same time having them frequently can burn a hole in one’s pocket, as party halls or recreational banquets are quite expensive nowadays.

So as to solve this problem, Let us give you a few reasons why choosing The Club for your next family gathering can be the best choice you ever make

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Get-togethers can be so much more than just dinner parties or brunches at The Club!

Families that play together, stay together!

You can initiate a family Game night by indulging into a few of the physical games activities that The Club offers such as Swimming, Tennis, Basketball or indulge into mind soothing activities such as yoga and meditation centers that detox your mind.

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Instant therapies with Reiki, vacuum treatment, panchdhatu alloy treatment, and such using naturally made tools allow negativity to flow out from our bodies and helps in removing various medical conditions such as migraine, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, headache, hormonal imbalance, and such. 

This will help to soothe your mind with peaceful energy and relax your body chakras. 

To conclude, it is quite evident that The Club experiences bring out the best in families by bringing them together. To get to know more about our offerings, explore our recreational services today!