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As a parent, do you want your child to be active every day? Playing a sport is the best way to stimulate growth as well as promote physical and mental health. It also helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Participating in a moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity not only keeps a child healthy but also provides a platform for children to deal with competition as well as take winning and losing in their stride and inculcates the concept of fair  play. These days, children spend most of their time in front of the television, playing video games or surfing on the iPad which reinforces a sedentary lifestyle. Involving them in sports ensures a certain level of physical fitness as well as the prospect of healthy muscles, bones and joints and improved sleep. Sports also teach children the benefits of goal setting, determination and hard work. It also helps develop a child’s social skills as he/she not only learns to interact with peers his age but also with older children. The child also learns to respect his/her coach. It’s the best way to teach leadership skills, team-building and communication to children and this will go a long way in their career and personal relationships. Playing a sport also boosts self-esteem and is a confidence building exercise. Take cognizance of the importance of sports for children and act now. Enroll them in a variety of sports coaching and extra-curricular activities only at The Club Text by Shveta Oberoi