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Are you living in this concrete, fast-paced jungle called Mumbai? Festive season is here! And we all know what that means, our doorways to leisure time finally opens up in the city and we are frantically digging up options to find the best way to spend this time. But before jumping to the “where” lets discover the “how”- how should you spend this time in order to get the maximum benefit and relaxation out of it. After slogging months and months on end, you are finally set free to unwind and want the best of this world so that when you go back to your monotonous life, you have exciting moments to look back on and cherish them. In this internet age, we are bombarded with so many options. Really? After juggling with your work, you are expected to juggle with this decision as well? Let me make that easy for you. I have compiled ways and tips you can use to find the best activities leisure options and events in Mumbai, be it a short one day thing or a week’s worth of enjoyment!

When it comes to the above, find places that:

  • Offer Healthy Recreational Activities: activities that help you release stress and improve your health at the same time; like various dance forms, organised camping trips, indoor games like ping-pong or table tennis etc.
  • Have Well Equipped Wellness Centers: wellness centers like spa’s, Ayurveda healing spaces etc are a great way to spend your time-off.
  • Play Host to Various Local and Cultural Fests: A great example could be to find places that are hosting latest local enjoyable fests or events related to the festivals like Diwali celebrations, Halloween party in Mumbai, etc.
  • Organize Family- Bonding Workshops/ Events/ Activities- If you are someone with kids and looking forward to spending quality time with them, the best way is to find events in Mumbai (or rather your locality) that encourage activities that encourage family-bonding like games that involve great team co-ordination etc.
  • Have the Fun Elements like Parties, Barbecues, etc: Along with physical fitness, fun is also an important element and what better way than to enjoy good music, good food and dance your heart off! There are many party places in Mumbai, however if you want family friendly places you need to dig a little deeper to find one.
  • Facilitate various one-day activities: One day activities could include many things like local fests, Theater or Art shows, Networking events, sports competitions, or really just any workshops related to the hobby you want to spend your time on.
So, now that I’ve explained the steps to find the best events and leisure activities in the city, let me simply answer the “where”- find a place that offers all these things under one roof- save yourself the trouble to travel in the city’s never ending traffic! I believe one -stop clubs offer most of the facilities mentioned above. While you are at it, do check out our website to find various options to spend your time-off!