The Club Mumbai


Dining Outdoors

Enjoy magical dining experiences under the starlit sky at The Club. As you step into The Club, towering trees fringe the well-manicured lawns and complement the blue sky dotted with twinkling stars. Victorian street lamps emit a warm glow and create dancing shadows on the fine-dining seating arrangements. A lovely [Read More]

Premium Caterers

Kuisine Kraft: Premium Caterers by The Club Mumbai

Premium caterers on your mind? Invite Us Over… The Club Mumbai is synonymous with the quality and standard of food and service that we offer at our restaurants and banquets. Based on our 18 years of experience, we now bring this exceptional service and experience right to your doorstep where [Read More]

Luxe lodging

The Club partners with Z Residences (formerly known as Oakwood residences) for accommodation and residence requirements. Z Luxury Residences offers an extraordinary experience for residents combining the comforts and conveniences of a home with hotel-style amenities. Z Luxury Residences Platinum Standard of service has become the city’s benchmark for modern services [Read More]

Introducing the new ‘Cupping Therapy’

Antara Spa is proud to introduce the internationally acclaimed ‘Cupping Therapy’. Cupping is an alternative medicine which has now been modernized in different ways to cure and ease out muscle tension. Whether or not you’re suffering from symptoms of pain or muscle stiffness, cupping is a great therapy. It provides numerous [Read More]

Abundant Outdoors

With the rains bidding us adieu, the vast and open spaces along with world-class recreational facilities at The Club beckon you and your family to get outside and take advantage of everything we have to offer. We all need to get out and stretch our legs, and enjoy nature at [Read More]

Offsite in the City

The Club’s lush green ambience, tasteful décor and its high standard of service makes it the ideal place for hosting coporate events, says Liberty Videocon General Insurance Company Limited’s Country Head – Marketing & Institutional Business and our member, Milan Naik.

Baking Workshop

Baking Workshop for Kids!

Fun & Interactive Baking Workshop for all age groups. If there’s one thing that kids really enjoy the most is having fun with food, especially baking. And if there’s one thing that we give the most importance to is that the kids have lots of fun while learning something new [Read More]


Text by Sarina Menezes Summer is the perfect season to spend your time outdoors learning a new sport or mastering new techniques. Nowhere in the suburbs of Mumbai, will you find an expanse of 8.2 acres of land where greenery and outdoor facilities beckon you to get physically active. And for the children who have just finished with school, [Read More]

Get Sporty at The Club

As a parent, do you want your child to be active every day? Playing a sport is the best way to stimulate growth as well as promote physical and mental health. It also helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Participating in a moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity not only keeps a child healthy but also provides a [Read More]

Sweet Love Bites!

Everyday is a day of Love but February calls for special attention. Express your love with sweet somethings from our very own pastry shop at The Club, The Patisserie. Special menu for a special day. Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies Soft center chocolate hearts Chocolate dipped strawberries White chocolate raspberry cheese [Read More]