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House parties are wonderful, a chance to get together, have fun, food, and frolic and loads and loads of conversations and laughter.  But, a house party can get boring and monotonous if we don’t take care of how to make it fun and memorable, one that everyone including us (the hosts) enjoy.  House parties are better than ones that are held at restaurants and clubs because you are in total control of the party right from the people to food to drinks to decorations, you decide every detail to the T and are not bound by any sort of restrictions (apart from irritated neighbors,  make sure you invite them too).  Few tips to throw an awesome party at home  
Be selective with your guests
Everyone loves a good party and to make it memorable and a fun one, choose your guests wisely.  A great mix of people will liven up the party. Choose a bunch of people who love having fun, a few who like helping out during and after the party, and a few who can charge of the party.  Keep in mind to assemble a group which gel together as someone with conflicts can ruin the mood of the party.  
Have enough food and beverages 
Admit it, we all go to any party expecting good food and great beverages and the food selection can either make or break the party. Plan the food selection properly, keeping the guests in mind.  Have something for everyone. You might be hosting a gathering of family and friends and guest list may include children, young adults, and adults, thus food and beverages selection must be such that no one goes back hungry.  In case you want to not bother with the food hassle, just opt for our home catering service  and we will sort the entire thing out for you. With vast experience in providing a range of cuisines and dishes that are tasty and economical, The Club’s outdoor catering service is something that you must try out if you’re planning to host a house party! Trust me your guest will love you!  
Engage your guests
Music, lighting, decorations are all good and keep the guests happy for a while but some people tend to get bored after a few minutes into the party. Plan some entertaining activities to keep everyone engaged. Not everyone likes dancing and music so planning some games, quizzes and other innovative activities to keep everyone happy.  There are numerous board games available these days such as Taboo, Sequence, Monopoly and many more.. A party at home is really fun and people tend to relax at such parties, rather than at the ones in the hotels, pubs, and clubs.  Conversations and interactions flow and people are able to mingle better and have more fun. Small details and a little thinking on your part can surely make your house party a really memorable one.  Are you too hosting a party at home and are looking for outdoor catering services who provide great home catering in Mumbai? Look no further, find the best ones right here. Go ahead, have some great fun.