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Antara Spa is proud to introduce the internationally acclaimed ‘Cupping Therapy’. Cupping is an alternative medicine which has now been modernized in different ways to cure and ease out muscle tension. Whether or not you’re suffering from symptoms of pain or muscle stiffness, cupping is a great therapy. It provides numerous benefits such as:
  • Improves circulation & blood flow
  • Toxin release
  • Faster healing of muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • It also works to reduce pain & soften stiff muscles & tissues.
  • Reduces hypertension.
  • Treats stress & depression.
Inquire more and book your appointment for the cupping therapy on 022-66117774.

“So pleased that our very own Antara has brought the international technique of ‘Cupping’  to our doorstep. On my frequent trips to Hongkong over the years, the high point used to be to get in a few sessions of cupping. I am thoroughly elated that it’s now available to me at any time. The therapists are very well trained and comparable to the ones in Hongkong” – Roopa Vohra, Member, The Club.