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The Club Mumbai

Nishi Khanna

Nishi Khanna’s love for nature and compassion for children and senior citizens are manifested by the facilities provided at The Club. She has been a member of the core team since the inception of The Club. During the preliminary stages of the conception of The Club, the planning was an arduous task due to the dearth of existing reference points in India. Mrs Khanna took up this challenge and was instrumental in understanding and meeting the need of a lifestyle changing club.

“We ourselves never had a place where we could spend our evenings. Most of the places were too far or they did not have the facilities we were looking for” she says. Her keen interest in Interior design, her elegant disposition and attention to fine detail impart an air of sophistication and style to The Club.

Mrs Khanna actively engages with the members at The Club and patiently takes their valuable feedback, paying special attention to their evolving needs. She is also known to personally oversee the maintenance and upkeep, keeping The Club as good as new.