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The Club Mumbai

Anada Wine Club

‘Anada’ in Spanish means the first harvest of grapes. The Anada Wine Club is the only wine club in Mumbai that provides the opportunity to appreciate and promote both Indian and International wines and wine producers. The wine club helps to bring beginners and connoisseurs together to share the love of wine and make the experience delightful and enjoyable

The Anada Wine Club promotes and encourages wine enjoyment and appreciation through regular and direct contact with members in an ambience that is conducive to wine drinking.

Our objectives are:

  • To increase one’s knowledge and understanding of wines and provide a platform to Indian and International wine producers
  • To educate consumers on the finer nuances of wine drinking thereby inculcating a wine culture into lifestyles

How Does Anada Wine Club Work?

Do you enjoy wine? Would you like to taste a diverse and interesting selection of wines on a regular basis in a convivial atmosphere? If you desire to understand the nuances of wine drinking and enjoy a social setting that encourages wine appreciation then you have all the reasons you need to join the Anada Wine Club.

Membership provides you with opportunities to attend events that are select, interactive and restricted to a number so as to facilitate networking and getting to know other members. Our experience has also led us to understand and identify the different attributes of wine drinkers. And whether you are a complete novice or an experienced taster there will be plenty to learn and enjoy!


The Anada Wine Club was founded in December, 2004 by passionate wine enthusiasts – Mr Dinesh Khanna, a hospitality veteran and Mr Ranjan Kapur, one of India’s most iconic advertising figures.

Anada Wine Club exists to enable its members to widen their knowledge and appreciation of wines, whether beginners or passionate wine enthusiasts! The wine club is not a wine retailing business. We aim to bring wine producers and wine drinkers together to become a true community of like-minded individuals with an ardent love for wine!

Anada also endorses wine drinking through events that promote entertainment, culture, cuisine and travel. Demonstrations by sommeliers and gourmet chefs, wine festivals, informative wine sessions and grape crushing events are some backdrops that enhance the wine drinking experience. You are welcome to attend a tasting and/ or a dinner as a guest before committing to a membership which has a fee and a term period to it.

Our Partners

Anada encourages Indian and International wine producers by giving them a platform to generate awareness, initiate sampling and promote their products. We work closely and in strategic partnerships with Indian and International wine producers and distributors by collaborating at special events and hosting exciting evenings. We value your participation at the club and together, we hope to discover the world beyond people and places.

Anada Wine Club can be an influential partner for many wine houses and wine-related companies, to offer promotions and exposure to the next generation of wine-drinkers. If you are interested in joining the Anada Wine Club or partnering with it, you could contact Samir Gupte on 022-66919082 or email on