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The Club Mumbai

Antara Day Spa

Antara is our splendid day spa at The Club. Antara in Sanskrit means “looking within” or introspect. The logo represents a lotus with each petal symbolizing the levels of existence – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The whorl in the center signifies that the outside world is manifested by one´s inner world of peace and harmony. Every signature color of the logo has a meaning.  Burgundy represents spiritual energy, white represents purity and gold represents infallible character and integrity.


The entrance to Antara Spa is thoughtfully situated near the poolside. The presence of the pristine waters relaxes the senses subconsciously even before you enter the spa. The interiors are minimalist but extraordinary with a mother of pearl inlay on a calming beige background. The spotless white marble of the inlay symbolizes the treasures of the sea and the purifying effects of water. The entire spa has delicately and warmly lit with highlights on handpicked artifacts. While the simplicity of design is the overriding theme, therapy rooms are given a unique character by the use of textured fabrics and exquisite silk which stand out in a subliminal manner.

The Spa has been designed keeping the five elements in mind:

Space – Spread over 3500 sq.ft

Air – Soothing aromas

Earth – Earthy tones of the flooring

Water – Sound of water & the bath in the Couple Therapy Suite

Fire – Aromatic burners in all rooms


Antara has:

  • 5 multi therapy rooms of which two can be combined into a luxury couple suite.
  • All rooms come with attached shower and steam cubicles and can be temperature and light controlled

All products used are extremely effective as they are organic and safe which include Remy Laure & Skyndor products for face and body treatments.

Inspired by ancient traditions and philosophies and combined with modern day touches, the spa treatment menu offers a surreal experience that relaxes you, allowing you to unwind, escape and rejuvenate.


Our therapists at Antara are trained and certified by reputed brands like Remy Laure, Skeyndor, Christian Valmy and Phytomer. They are trained on using their products and hold vast experience in the different massages and facial techniques.

Regular training sessions are conducted to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the areas of:

  • Physiology & the Human Body
  • Spa treatments & products
  • Personal hygiene & fitness

For more details and to book a massage call on 022-6611 7777