Garden Grill
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Enjoy magical dining experiences under the starlit sky at The Club. As you step into The Club, towering trees fringe the well-manicured lawns and complement the blue sky dotted with twinkling stars. Victorian street lamps emit a warm glow and create dancing shadows on the fine-dining seating arrangements. A lovely aroma lingers in the air and the distinct sizzling sound of barbecued treats intersperses the soft music playing in the background. As the winter sun sets below the horizon, a cool breeze sweeps over the main lawns, setting the stage for a magical dining experience under the starry sky. Experience dining outdoors with top- notch live music, extravagant meals and exclusive wines ensuring that your evening is well spent. In a city that is defined by concrete buildings, open-air dining experiences are few and far between. Luckily at The Club, we have more than one venue which offers memorable meals that are served under the starlit sky. The Alfresco Experience Soak in the tranquil environs at the poolside as you gorge on mouthwatering dishes from By The Waterside’s Alfresco menu. Enjoy light and tasty Indian street food as well as global fare served with an Indian twist. Depending on your mood, pick from a choice of kathi rolls, Mumbai chaat, pizzas and pastas. Unwind at The Gardenia For those of you who want to begin your weekend on a bubbly note, Friday Sundowners at the Gardenia is back after its successful debut last year. We’ve got the band Rhapsody Out Loud to liven up the mood and ensure that you have a good time. They have performed on India’s Got Talent and have toured all over the country. After a brief stint at By The Waterside where they garnered a dedicated fan base, they will now play Hindi as well as English hits every Friday at the Gardenia from 7.30 p.m. onwards. While you enjoy some foot-tapping music, you can enjoy delectable grilled meats and vegetables. Pick a meat or vegetables of your choice to go with a selection of sauces, and our team of chefs will prepare it for you just the way you like it. You can find hints of different global cuisines under one roof or should we say, under a starlit sky. One can also find an array of white and red wines to pair with your food. The one and only Garden Grill If you crave Indian kebabs and tikkas then you know where to head… to The Garden Grill of course. The Garden Grill needs no introduction and is a very popular go-to place in the winter for our members. Our Executive Chef has curated an exciting menu for this season. The new menu includes dishes like Zaitoon aur Khubani Bhare Kumbh (olives, apricot and cheese stuffed charcoal-cooked mushroom), Kurkure Asparagus (Indian style asparagus tempura with crush kadhai spices) and Paneer Dum Roll (thin sheets of paneer stuffed with khoya, marinated and grilled). We also have an interesting selection of non-vegetarian dishes. You can gorge on Lahsooni Bhuni Machhli (grilled Indian salmon steaks marinated in garlic-infused masala), Jheenga Dum Nisha (prawn marinated in yellow chilli, grilled in a tandoor), Shahi Nalli Salan (pulled slow braised lamb shank in Awadhi gravy) and more. To make the evening even sweeter, we have got a delicious line-up of fusion desserts starting with the Threesome Phirni with a selection of green apple, saffron and rose. Next on the list is a signature dish with a modern twist, a reconstructed Shahi Tukda with milk chocolate and orange brioche and a Gulab Jamun Cheesecake. As you relish the fine-dining experience, you will be transported to a different time zone, one where you can savour each moment in its entirety. So the minute there is a nip in the air head to The Club for a variety of fine-dining experiences under the stars.