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Today, our lives are so fast paced and taxing that we are not having time to spend with our own selves. We really do not have the much needed ‘me time’ that we need to snatch from our busy schedules and never-ending workloads. Spending a day at the spa can be quite rejuvenating and exhilarating and the reminder to unwind and relax just for a day. A day at the spa is all about you…. Book yourself a day at the best spa in Mumbai for a day of detoxifying, relaxation and unwinding and get a newer you, rejuvenated and fresh to beat the blues. spa in mumbai Know what a spa day can do for you
  • Disconnecting from the stress of the world

We are all loaded with chores, duties, responsibilities, family, friends, obligations, and other stuff that kind of puts a lot of burden on us and stresses us all out. Spa day helps in releasing all the knots and stresses that these duties and responsibilities heave on us, our mind and body. It helps in unplugging from the real world and escaping to a serene environment where we forget our home and office duties for a day.
  • Getting charged up to face the world

Instant therapies with Reiki, vacuum treatment, panchdhatu alloy treatment, and such using naturally made tools allow negativity to flow out from our bodies and helps in removing various medical conditions such as migraine, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, headache, hormonal imbalance, and such. They help in removing the toxins and charges us up and we feel ready to face the world again. Are you too looking to unwind and relax and renew your spent energy in spa in Andheri west Lokhandwala area? Walk into ‘The Club’ spa and try their exclusive instant therapies with Reiki and Diya therapy (price ranging 1500 to 6000), panchdhatu alloy treatment (price ranging 1700 to 6500), vacuum treatment (price ranging 1700 to 6500), and Reiki with charged crystals (price ranging 1200 to 4250) to feel recharged and rejuvenated.
  • Sense of renewal

After a day at the spa, enjoying many treatments and disconnecting with the world fills us up with a sense of renewal and we are ready to conquer the world. We get time to think, ponder, and reflect with renewed optimism while at a spa where we are de-stressing and unwinding. A day at the spa is a gift from you to yourself. Indulge yourself once in a while and feel like a new person. If you too are looking to unwind and relax and gift yourself or your loved ones the best of spa experience, Click here to find the best spa in Andheri.