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Getting married? Yes? You must have hundreds of things to do, get the wedding trousseau ready, meetings with the designers, wedding planers, decorators, and such, but, what about the food, one of the most important things of any party, get-together, or even a wedding? Have you given enough attention it deserves? Have you searched for best catering services in Mumbai and zeroed down on the ones you like and would want to cater your wedding? Guests often forget about the decorations, the lighting, clothes of the groom and the bride after some time, but what remains in their minds for longer time is the food that was served in the wedding and how it tasted, looked, and how good or bad it was. Thus, it is important to find to the best outdoor catering services to make your wedding event a success. Here are 3 tips to help you find the best caterers in Mumbai to make your wedding a memorable one.
  • Get proper reference

You must have visited a wedding where you would have loved the food and wanted to hire the caterers for your event sometime in the future and it is a good time to go check them out. Even if this is not the case, invest some time in finding the best caterers in the city, narrow down the choices based on the references that you get from the family, friends, and the past customers of the caterer himself/herself. One who has the highest referral and fits your budget is the one to go for.
  • Taste the food before finalizing

Even after the caterer has received high referrals and is highly recommended, it is better to arrange for a tasting session to check if the food taste is to your liking and if it suits your palette. Set a menu that you want for the wedding before arranging for a tasting.
  • Know the caterers specialties

Check if the caterer you are shortlisting is equipped to handle and serve the kind of gathering you are planning. Not every caterer can manage every kind of event, some specialize in small gatherings, some in large gatherings, and some can cater to specific communities and some in certain cuisines only. Clarify with the caterers if they can manage the kind of wedding party/ies you have in mind. After having checked all the above criteria, sign on the dotted lines. Are you looking for the best caterers in Andheri? Click on to connect with the best ones right here!