Arnav Tennis Academy’s vision is to identify, nurture and promote players for competitive tennis at the Local, State, National & International level. To achieve this vision at THE CLUB we have adopted the globally accepted Tennis Under 10 system created & approved by the United States Tennis Association and the International Tennis Federation. Benefits of this program are:

  • This program helps develop grassroot level players by using RED, ORANGE, and GREEN balls before they advance to higher levels
  • This program is a modified version of tennis that we are used to seeing. The objective is to adapt the balls, rackets, net size, court size as per the level and abilities of the player. These changes help players learn the sport faster
  • The program makes it easier for kids to learn, engage and enjoy the game
  • Through this program it becomes easier to develop good technique and accelerates player development
  • The program helps in creating early success which results in lifetime love and commitment to the sport

How do we plan to integrate this program for our players?

While there are guidelines set out by ITF and USTA on which age group should play RED ball vs ORANGE ball vs GREEN ball. Head Coach & Director of Tennis Arnav Jains believe it is important to identify the level and skill of the player and accordingly put him/her in the right program. 

A player can be 9 YO and theoretically part of the GREEN ball program, but here are some scenarios that we know make it better for him/her to join the ORANGE ball program

  • Poor hand eye coordination – slower orange ball will make it easier to develop this
  • Lack of strength – full court tennis might not be suitable in the start
  • Player’s height – Green ball will bounce much higher than orange ball
  • Motor Skills – Weak in running, balancing. Court coverage will be a challenge
  • Focus & Concentration – Green ball classes are 15min longer

Keeping all the above points in mind a player is asked to join a program. He or she will only progress when the time is right. 


This is where the players get more serious. Players in any of the above three U10 programs can advance to intermediate program based on the below abilities. This does not mean the category of ball will be changed. A red ball player with the below skill sets can advance to the intermediate program but will still play with red balls. Only the players training and commitment to the sport changes

Players will work on

  • Developing consistency in rallies
  • Directing the ball
  • Advanced drills on footwork and movement patterns
  • Point play & tactics
  • Development of service & volleys


For advance players along with tennis coaching fitness becomes mandatory

By this stage the players have learnt most of the shots. They have learnt things they had been working on in their intermediate program. However, some new points will be covered to polish and master the overall game

  • Developing at least one weapons in the player’s game
  • Improving weaker areas of the game
  • Dedicating lot more time to off court activities like fitness, nutrition, and sports psychology 
  • More match play 
  • Mandatory requirement to participate in tournaments

What will the coaches bring to the table?

In order to achieve your goals, the coaching team headed by Arnav Jain are highly trained and prepared to execute the above programs. 

Technique remains the number priority in training kids at a young age. So, kids in the U10 beginner programs, the primary focus will always remain technique and strong fundamentals like footwork and recovery. 

As the kids get better, they will progress into Intermediate and Advance batches where there will master the skill of rallies, point play, serves. Advance drills will be included to elevate their game. Fitness will be introduced at this stage. Parent and the player will need to make a 100% commitment to this sport if we are to achieve tournament level success.

We will identify young talent who have the potential to become good tennis players and compete. This will also include educating the parents and children on what is needed to play at a certain level, share tournaments they can participate in. Share updates on player development. Help them navigate their first few tournaments. Connect them with the right people for the players development (nutritionist, physical and mental fitness trainers etc) 

Tennis is an INDIVIDUAL Sport but a TEAM effort

Tennis is a skilled based sport that can be mastered with the right coaching and repetition. We at the tennis academy will demand 100% consistency and discipline from the players if the family and the player both wish to reach some level. We will work towards giving the right coaching but in order to master the sport the second part is repetition. So, equation is simple. More they play = faster they become better. Consistency is something that must come from the player. We will require your efforts in creating the off-court discipline in the kids. 

Operating Hours

Coaching Timings: 6.30am – 8.30am | 3pm – 7pm

For more details and to schedule a trial class please connect Mr Arnav Jain – 9930510672.

*Tennis Court Timings: 7am – 10am | 4.30pm – 9.30pm