Enjoy Premium Lifestyle Experiences and Curated Services With The Club’s Membership Programs

Being part of Mumbai’s 1% deserves the best experiences life has to offer. The Club is one of the best places to avail premium wellness and social facilities that are exclusive to the most prominent names in town. If you’re searching for the best club membership in Mumbai for yourself and your family, The Club has it all!

From top-notch facilities and events to rubbing shoulders with elites just like you, every detail of the best membership clubs in Mumbai revolves around luxury redefined. Whether you’re a family looking to enjoy chill weekends or a company wishing to nominate senior executives, we understand the diverse requirements of each group. We also have exclusive perks for the rising stars club membership in Mumbai, the youth of today! 

Now networking, relaxing, partying, and spending quality time all meet under the same roof- leading to unlimited possibilities. Discover joyous moments, adventures, and the good life at The Club, Mumbai. To avail these coveted facilities, join our private membership club in the categories explained below.

Enquire About Membership

    The profile of our members is of utmost importance to us. All our members belong to the upper echelons of society and include leading names in their respective fields and the corporate world.

    We understand that people come from different backgrounds, lifestyles and have different needs. Keeping this in mind we have the following memberships that are offered to suit this social set.

    • Family Membership starts with 5 years is for an individual, spouse, and 2 children below 21 years of age. Membership for additional children can be offered at an extra cost.
    • Corporate Membership starts with 5 years is offered to a Public Limited, Pvt. Ltd., or a Firm/Association/Organization who will nominate senior executives as members. Each nominee is entitled to the membership along with a spouse and 2 children below 21 years of age.
    • NRI memberships start with 5 years and can be subscribed to by individuals who have an NRI status and live overseas. The Member is entitled to the usage of “The Club” along with his spouse and 2 children below 21 years of age.
    • Senior Citizen membership Start with 5 years is for individuals who are 50 years & 60 years above. The Member is entitled to the usage of “The Club” along with his spouse.
    • Expatriate Memberships is for a period of 1 and 3 years and is offered to foreign passport holders, their spouse, and 2 children below 21 years.
    For more information about Membership, please email your details to us on [email protected] and one of our executives shall get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can also call on 022-6611 7777

    If you would like to schedule a meeting with a representative of The Club Mumbai – for information on The Club membership, please enquire with us.